Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Next Step: Rehab

I got my stitches out Monday! Hopefully I can post some pics once Renee emails them to me (hint, hint). The doctor explained to me what exactly he did to my right knee (the one that has been bothering me all year). It is easier to explain it with a drawing, but I will attempt to explain it in words. He cut out a piece of cartilage that was flapping around underneath my patella. Since cutting it out left a "space," he poked holes where the cartilage was so that it would bleed in order that scar tissue would replace the cartilage that was removed (that was a terrible explanation). Since he did more work to that knee (he just cut plica from my left knee), it will take my right knee slightly longer to heal.

It was so nice to be out of the ace wraps and able to bend my knees! I was able to drive home yesterday without discomfort until I got to Collierville and had to stop and go a lot. I am able to get around a lot better, but I am still not walking normally yet. I can't stand for long amounts of time or my knees get pretty sore. It is amazing how much quad strength I have lost after a week of not using my legs very much. I have a lot of physical therapy to do before my quads and knees are back to normal. Rehab starts tomorrow, and I am looking forward to doing the exercises, even though many of them will be uncomfortable and possibly painful.

I have much greater appreciation for those who are wheel-chair bound or home-bound. It was so difficult for me to sit on the couch all day in my apartment for a week. I am so grateful that even if I have knee pain, I am still able to walk and easily get around. Instead of griping and complaining, I need to be more thankful for all that I have and am able to do.

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