Monday, December 12, 2011


I had graduation this past Friday night. It still doesn't seem real. College has gone by so fast. I'm not ready to enter the "real world" yet, though. I start graduate school in January in Health Promotion. My family and Matt's parents came Friday afternoon and we had dinner at my apartment before graduation. It was quite the spread: pork tenderloin, baked beans, roasted sweet and white potatoes, broccoli slaw, Captain Rodney's dip, butterfinger dip, salad, pumpkin pizza, nutella cake cookies, and a bananas foster parfait. It was all so delicious! I enjoyed doing food at my apartment much more than going out to eat.

Renee came as well!
My two wonderful brothers.
My amazing boyfriend
My wonderful parents
Matt's sweet parents
Incredible brother and sister-in-law
I had a pretty awesome set up at graduation since I'm still crippled. I got to sit on a couch behind the stage and go up to walk when it was my turn. It would have been nice to actually watch graduation, but it would have been a lot less comfortable. After graduation I got to open gifts. I was so overwhelmed by everything I got. I was not expecting anything at all! I have such an amazing family! 

Flowers that Paul and Stephen surprised me with
A waffle maker from my parents! Matt and I made waffles yesterday and they were delicious. I'm excited about experimenting with different concoctions!
Renee gave me a beautiful necklace!
Matt got me a coat! I have been looking for one but haven't found one I liked. I absolutely love this one!
He also got me a set of pumpkin plates and a pumpkin bowl! AMAZING!
Matt's parents and grandparents gave me Mississippi State dishes! I don't have any, so I was definitely excited to get some!        

I had such a great day! It meant so much to me that my family and Matt's parents came to celebrate with me! It makes me very sad to close this chapter in my life, but I am excited for all the opportunities that await!


Damie said...

I can't believe you have graduated!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!! So cool!!!! Okay, call me when you come home- PT time!!!!!!!

Heather said...

YAHOO!!!!!! It was so fun :) Can't wait to see you this weekend! xoxo