Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Weekend

October 1st is officially Fall for me. I am so excited about all things pumpkin! I cannot wait to get cooking. I have so many recipes to experiment with. Fortunately, pumpkin is in season for a few months, so I have lots of time to enjoy this season.

This past weekend I went down to Birmingham. Matt comes up with the best ideas for us to do. Friday night we went to a Greek festival. There were so many people there, and I was amazed by the organization they had. I cannot imagine running an event as big as this. We got to try some desserts we had never heard of, and enjoyed them at the top of a parking deck overlooking the downtown area.

We got back to Matt's house, and he surprised me with a brand new Mac! I was (and still am) absolutely shocked. I was definitely needing a new computer, but not ready to spend the money on one.   He treats me way too well. I don't know how I have gotten so lucky to be his girlfriend.

Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch and picked our own pumpkins. There were so many pumpkins, and most of them looked so good it was hard to choose the best-looking one. We liked our pumpkins too much to carve them, so we stopped at wal-mart and bought cheap ones to carve.

Matt is coming to Memphis this coming weekend, but I don't think I can top the weekend we had. I have one more week until my internship starts. I am super nervous, feel very unprepared, and have so many things to do in the next week. I am blogging right now to avoid reading for my online class, so I better get back to what I need to be doing!

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Damie said...

So proud of you! and love your pumpkins! Can't wait for the recipes. The BF sounds awesome! Have a great weekend!